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muzeum1 Wallachia is rich in history and cultural monuments. Wallachian open air museum    in Roznov pod Radhostem represents a unique center of folk architecture. This kind of cultural-nature monument is popular for tourists all around the world and attendance is comparable with famous Prague castle. You will see many examples of traditional craft in the museum, souch as Wallachian costumes, historic water powered mill, sample corp, livestock by traditional ways. All this allows you to see what life was like here a few hundred years. There are many original buildings and exhibits. The museum has 3 main parts - Wooden town, Wallachian village and Mill valley. An other opportunity is visiting destroyed castle in Roznov pod Radhostem in the top of the Hradisko hill. The castle was there since 1275. In the city center is baroque church build in years 1745-49.


lanovka  By Chair lift you can travell from Raztoka settlement in Trojanovice to Pustevny hills. There is a trail from the Pustevny to Radhost moutain. In the first part of trail you can se statue of pagan good Radegast.  There is a chapel from yeas 1898 on the top of the Radhost moutain and a statues of Cyril and Metodej. In the mountains, there is the largest underground cave Cyrilka.
 30km away is city Hukvaldy where world known composer Leos Janacek was born. There is a statue of fox that brings you luck, big castle ruins and park with fallow deer and mouflon.  

lanovecentrum  Gibon park is open air entertainment center, there are many attractions and obstacles. Some are focused on physical strength, others on logic. You will find there and adrenalin. Gibon park offers this kinds of attractions: climbing center, giant lift, children park, rotoball, minigolf, restaurant, baby obstacle course and others.

mikroregion For more informations visit web "mikroregion Rožnovsko", where more informations can be find.

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